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Our version

of the local

wet market

Marble Surface
2020 Saiwattana Blacksmith Ban Rong Fong
2020 Mohom Ban PaLuang Ban Thung Hong Ph
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Outstanding Market Goods

A place for
unique ingredients, 
cooking tools and 
kitchen workwear


In decades of tracking down the best bowl of noodles in Penang or a hyper-regional curry in Phuket, we’ve come across some unique ingredients, cooking tools and kitchen workwear. 


Stuff like sugar tapped from palms in Thailand’s south, cloth from a family of indigo dyers, the only knife a northern Thai villager will reach for when mincing buffalo meat, or soy sauce from a multi-generational backyard factory – products that could really only be made in the places where they’re made.


Much of this stuff is pretty much perfect, and we simply want to bring it to you, as-is.


In other cases, we’ve adapted or reimagined items, making subtle tweaks that don’t obscure their unique origins.


For both of these types of goods, OMG is our version of the local wet market. 

At OMG, we purchase and commission goods directly from locally-based artisans, makers and producers. This means that products are available in limited quantities or on a seasonal basis, and only via preorder. Check our InstagramTwitter or Facebook, feeds to see when we’ll be commissioning the next round of goods, then pop into The Market to check out material, size and price details. If something catches your eye, write us at and we’ll try to include you in our next order.

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