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OMG, how does it work?

  1. We share a beautiful, handmade product on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and a timeline for funding and ordering, production and shipping of these goods. 

  2. Check the product details and photos. If it appeals, write us at with your order, and we will ask you to transfer payment via PayPal. If we reach our funding target for that item, we will proceed with the commission; if not, your payment will be refunded.

  3. The goods will be produced by hand and sent to you.

  4. Enjoy your goods!

COVID-19 notice: Our goods are shipped from Thailand, and the pandemic has had a massive impact on international delivery, sometimes leading to delays and disruptions. We’ll try our best to get the goods to you as efficiently as possible, but particularly during this period, some things are simply beyond our control.



  • So I can’t just order goods at any time? In general, we work with producers to batch commission set amounts of products within set timelines. Outside of these periods, items may or may not be available; write us at to find out.

  • I’d like to commission an order of multiple items for my restaurant/cafe/private army, is this possible? Generally, yes! Write us at and we’ll suss it out.



  • How do I pay? If you want to purchase a product, contact us via email, and we will ask you to transfer payment via Paypal. If that particular good does not reach its funding target, we will refund your payment.

  • Can I trust you with my money? Paypal is the best and safest way to send money. Austin and Chris, the people behind OMG and Fantastic Food Search, are public figures, and we want everyone to come away happy.



  • Is there a separate shipping fee? No. A flat worldwide shipping fee is included in the price of each item.

  • What if I order a bunch of stuff? For orders that weigh more than 2kg total, we’ll work to tweak and reduce shipping costs and make things as inexpensive as possible for you, but be aware that the pandemic has led to a curtailing of most non-express shipping options from Thailand.

  • How long will it take me to receive my goods? When we announce a product, we’ll also share an approximate arrival date that takes into consideration around two weeks’ shipping time.

  • What if I live in Thailand (or elsewhere in Southeast Asia)? Write us at and we’ll talk.



  • How long will it take to receive my goods? From the first posting of an item on social media to the day when you’re holding the product in your hand can take from eight to 10 weeks. We make these timelines explicit our postings; please keep them in mind when ordering!



  • Can I return an item? If a good is defective or has suffered damage in transit, write us at within a week of having received it and we’ll see what we can do for you. Because items are batch-commissioned, we may not be able to procure a replacement item, but we are happy to return payment or create market credit.

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