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OMG, how does it work?

  • We find cool things on our travels that are unique to a destination, or we create something from scratch that embodies the zeitgeist of our favorite place.

  • Check the product details and photos, send us any questions. Order.
    Enjoy your goods

Our goods are shipped from Thailand via Thai Post E-packet and while reliable, international delivery takes 3-4 weeks depending on your address. 


Thai Post E-packet offers the best rates, but only serves certain regions and countries. If your address won’t allow shipping, send us an email and we can figure out a way.



  • So I can just order goods at any time? Yup. We have everything in stock and if we become the next big thing we can turn around new production quickly.

  • I’d like to commission an order of multiple items for my restaurant/cafe/private army, is this possible? Yes! Write us at and we’ll suss it out.


  • Will it fit? THAI SIZES RUN SMALL. Order 1 size up if you like a looser fit AND to be sure measure yourself and compare to our size measurements!


  • How do I pay? Credit cards via Stripe and Paypal. We can take transfers from Thailand only via email query.

  • Can I trust you with my money? Austin and Chris, the people behind OMG and Fantastic Food Search, are public figures, and we want everyone to come away happy.


  • What if I live in Thailand? Write to us at info@outstandingmarketgoods and we’ll talk. Discounts are available and can be paid by bank transfer.

  • Is there a separate shipping fee? No. A flat worldwide shipping fee is included in the price of each item.

  • How long will it take me to receive my goods? 3-4 weeks depending on your address.



  • Can I return an item? All the goods are made in small batches and often by artisans or small businesses so enjoy a bit of imperfection.

    However, if a good is defective or has suffered damage in transit, write to us at info@outstandingmarketgoods within a week of having received it and we’ll see what we can do for you. 

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