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Thai Life Style is a photography book by Christopher Wise a founder of OMG.

[Limited Quantity. USA only — free shipping]

“Covering my 20 years living in Thailand I have selected images that show my experience with the creativity, socializing, insouciance, improvisation and friendliness that makes Thailand compelling.

Many of the images in the book are from magazine photography assignments. Many more are the outtakes, sidelong glances, things I noticed or caught my eye… This book not meant to be a “best of” collection of all the photographs I have taken of Thailand. It is a scrapbook for me and perhaps will also contain others’ shared memories and experiences. It is a glimpse of the style, colors, personality and ethos of the country and the way people live and enjoy life. The combination of images — the diptychs — connect around color, form, allusion, clichés, contrasts and commentary, but most of all express the riot of sublime contradiction and vitality that makes the luminous whole.”

  • 176 pages. 170 full bleed photographs
  • Printed in Thailand with one of the premier printing companies
  • 6.5" x 9.8" inches/240mm x 165mm (trim size)
  • Premium paper
  • Hardcover with stitched binding

ESSAYS written by:

Austin Bush (OMG co-founder) is a writer, photographer and cookbook author. His cookbook, The Food of Northern Thailand was a James Beard Foundation Award finalist in 2019. He speaks, reads, and writes fluent Thai, and has written extensively about Thai food.

Lawrence Osborne’s newest novel Glass Palace is set in Bangkok and his memoir Bangkok Days revolves around living in my house in Bangkok in 2005. Several of his novels have been adapted for film, most recently The Forgiven.

Manit Sriwanichpoom is a renowned Thai photographer, writer, contemporary artist and social activist. His notable photography series Pink Man, Masters, Waiting for the King reflect on Thai social issues. He owns Kathmandu Photo Gallery in Bangkok, showcasing the work of other photographers.

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