We were recently down in Thailand's deep south, where we met with some talented locals who are making beautiful and unique textile items not seen elsewhere in the country. The region has close cultural links to neighboring Malaysia, a legacy that extends to its arts and handicrafts, such as vibrant hand-stamped batik, and cloth dyed in almost trippy ways via stitch-resist techniques. We’re excited to share these items – both as-is and our adapted designs – in the coming months.

Reserve yours until December 10th by emailing us at ffsfantastic@gmail.com. If fully funded, goods will be hand-made in December and shipped in January.

Adul, a native of Yala, is collaborating with producers in Pattani Province, in Thailand’s deep south, to hand-dye cotton cloth via the shibori stitch resist method. The result is a pattern that’s recognizably tie-dye but not quite full-on hippy. As-is, these cloths function seamlessly as beach towels/sarongs, but employ a bit of creativity and you could also have a unique scarf, tablecloth, turban or skirt.

  • Origin: The DeepShops, Yala, Thailand

  • Materials: 100% cotton

  • Dimensions: 101x167cm / 40x66in


Includes global shipping


Shibori Stitch Resist Sarong

Reserve your sarong until December 10th.