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We were recently down in Thailand's deep south, where we met with some talented locals who are making beautiful and unique textile items not seen elsewhere in the country. The region has close cultural links to neighboring Malaysia, a legacy that extends to its arts and handicrafts, such as vibrant hand-stamped batik, and cloth dyed in almost trippy ways via stitch-resist techniques. We’re excited to share these items – both as-is and our adapted designs – in the coming months.

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US$54 for 4

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At SriYala Batik, in the southern Thai town of Yala, a husband and wife team take high-quality cotton cloth, and using a wax resist technique, print it using hand-carved blocks, then dye the cloth in vibrant colors. They’re one of only a handful of people in southern Thailand who continue to make batik the old way, and their blocks span a variety of charming patterns, from local birds to southern Thai architectural details.


These large-sized, medium-weight napkins, hand-stamped and dyed, come in sets of 4, and are available in the following color and pattern combinations:

  • Brown/southern Thai bananas

  • Blue/bulbul birds

  • Orange/abstract

  • Origin: SriYala Batik

  • Materials: 100% cotton

  • Dimensions: 46x46cm / 18x18in

Hand-Stamped Batik Napkins


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